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  • Today I was playing poptropica, and I was on Ghost Story Island. I was playing the demo and they kicked me out of the island because I did not have the correct membership! How come every website for kids reguires membership, even if you have all the islands cmpleted. I mean, I have all the islands completed BUT that island, and they still won't let me play the full island. Plus, I will not get to play it for. like, three months now, because all anyone wants is money. I grew up as a middley poor person, and I figured everthing was fine, that the life I was living was rich enough with my family and friends. I always thought I was fine as long as I would always have my family, a place to call home and supplements like food and water. Then someone comes up to me and says "your family is poor", and I asked my mother and she admitted it was true. I said "No matter what, I will never allow money to come before my friends and family, because they are more important." I said that if I ever get a chance to get a lot money, then that would be great, but I would not be searching for it my whole life. My mother (of course) was suprised in this fact, for my whole childhood I have enjoyed myself in searching and collecting money. So she let me be, and told me that I would live a wonderful life, but I bet that was NOT what was on her mind.... Anyways, I hate how people are always trying to suck money from kids and their parents, just because the kids are helpless and can give in to anything, as long as they get to play the whole game, or get these certain adventures, and those clothes.. Please reply what you feel on this topic, or follow me! :

    )) :P

I feel for you…


fact #24
sometimes i hear voices in my head while i read. the voices vary in age, gender, mood, loudness, etc. i could be reading in school but in my head i can hear a very angry woman, a crying child and a whispering man all reading with me. but it can feel like they are reading at me. sometimes i hear them saying my name over and over. sometimes i hear them as i’m writing. 

I tottally feel for you.  Do not feel crazy, it is normal.  It just means that you enjoy reading and writing alot, and can get your carecters situation.  It also means that you will be an excalent writer and reader when you are older.  P: :))

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